Mount Weather is a band from the near-Baltimore area who melts together a unique collage of experimental/lo-fi/acoustic/electric and even punk rock music to construct a tower of sound which can be anything from hypnotic shimmering guitar chords over top lushly translucent vocals to aggressively melodic post punk with political undertones. Whether its the stripped down sound of eerie acoustic caverns or the grit of distortion baked full-band crunch, Mount Weather consistently succeeds in concocting a strange brew of unabashed experimentalism and catchy choruses sprinkled with haunting melodies.


Mount Weather is anti-war, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-sexist, anti-fascism, pro-legalization of marijuana and other non-harmful drugs, and pro-truth.

Mount Weather – Hoarfrost


Mount Weather – Hoarfrost from Mount Weather.

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Mount Weather: Historical Fiction


Mount Weather: Historical Fiction from Mount Weather.

Music video for the first song on Mount Weather’s album Soft Madness. Starring the band’s unofficial canine mascot, Roxy, this uniquely self-filmed collage of footage shot by Justin and Sean makes for a piece both eerily pretty and quietly entrancing and is the perfect beginning for a new Mount Weather album.

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Heroin Blues Pt1


Mount Weather: Heroin Blues Pt1 from Mount Weather.

First music video by the band Mount Weather. Intentionally a very short, very anti-commercial video, it is a dark instrumental song with an almost blues-like guitar line which adheres instantly to the grim visual nature of the video.

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One Watt Sun: Fuck Knowing


One Watt Sun: Fuck Knowing from Mount Weather.

The first video from underground band One Watt Sun featuring Chad Siwinski (bass – Like Patterns, bass – Dream Gallows, drums/bass/guitar – One Watt Sun) and Sean “Guy” Wallis (guitar/vocals/accordion – One Watt Sun, guitar/vocals/bass – Mount Weather, guitar/vocals – Dream Gallows). Calling their music “Death Folk”, this duo embarks on a lo-fi journey of experimental proportions to create a sound landscape that is no less than a dreamy, melodious and eerie form of acoustic soul music for the chemically influenced and inclined.

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THE DEATH OF WORDS by Sean Wallis of MW


First part of a two part book by Sean Wallis of Mount Weather, this book casually alludes to prior gurus of the experimental genre of writing and has an overall abstract tonality while simultaneously generating a feeling of revolutionary mobility. Written over a period of nearly a decade, many of the writings here were collected from Sean’s many notebooks and journals. More yet was written in the last year, specifically for the book. Illustrations include anything from notebook sketches to serious art pieces.

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